Padmaavat is reaching unbelievable heights and is making a massive collection at the box office since the film got released in selected states. But there came a super joyous news recently when the film distributors and theatre owners in Madhya Pradesh have agreed to screen the film after the state government assured to provide adequate security cover. Yes, you heard it right! Padmaavat is likely to hit the theaters of Madhya Pradesh this week!

Meanwhile, according to a leading new website’s source, Shri Rajput Karni Sena who were continuously protesting against the film has recently announced that they have decided to withdraw their protest and has accepted that the movie glorifies the valor of the Rajputs.

Out of the 361 cinema halls across Madhya Pradesh, owners of 200 theatres are eagerly waiting to screen the movie. Also, The Secretary of Bhopal Cinema Owners Association, Azizuddin, said that within three hours of the release of the film in Indore, it would be screened in the state capital.

It would be quite interesting to see everyone’s reaction to this news of film’s release in Madhya Pradesh!

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