The social media sensation is that the Indonesian model is like fairies!

Well, there are more than one false face in the whole world, but some beautiful faces are such that suddenly your eyesight stops. Beautifully, from Bollywood to face of the masses, there are many laughs, but at the moment, the picture of this Indonesian model on social media is becoming viral, whose beauty is not less than any fairy.

This model, named Aldeira Chena, is very beautiful and it is also due to her appearance like a doll. In the whole of Indonesia, Barbie is known as Doll. Aldira Chena is quite active on social media and her photos are very popular.

About 12 lakh people follow Aldirina Chena on Instagram. In Indonesia, they are counted in top models, some of them are quite hot, which can not be seen if you can get shock rhythm.

Well there is no scale to be beautiful, they are in the eyes of the beholder. Because of their work, some are in the discussion due to their name, but Aldira Chena comes in those people who both of their work and name Because of this.

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