After a whole parade of days preceding it, which FYI included Hug Day, Teddy Day and Propose Day, Valentine’s Day made a grand entry and a quick exit yesterday. The usual stuff happened: Some political parties upheld ‘our cultural values’ by harassing young lovers. Singles screamed dhoka at the whole Day of Romance shenanigans. And couples put up the best PDA show of their lives, while busineses sold them love with attractive offers and discounts.

But of all the amazing highlights of the Day of Love, nothing cracked me up as much as Congress’ social media antics!

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the social handles of Indian National Congress shared a rather ‘heartfelt’ video message for Prime Minister Narendra Modi! Best part? It was set to the tunes of the eternal love song ‘Pehla Nasha‘ from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar!

The video, shared on Congress’ Twitter, was brimming with hearts and a bunch of ‘heavily loaded’ messages of love (read: digs) for PM Modi, ranging from “Hug less, work more” to “Spread love, not jumlas”. WTF!

Prepare your heart for an onslaught of PDA because this!


Okay then!

Mind you, this is one strong bond of love between these two parties and Congress seems to be on a professing spree. The video was only one of two Valentine’s Day messages the party shared. Here’s another one:


Umm… mixed emotions, anyone?

The witty slogans and jibes seem to indicate that Congress is taking a leaf straight out of their party president, Rahul Gandhi’s social media playbook.

Quite recently, the Gandhi scion had stated that whatever attacks are made on him or their party would be responded with love. And looks like it’s already happening that way.

Wonder what BJP’s love note in return will be like! Considering our PM Modi too doesn’t shy away from witty repartee, as we witnessed with his recent jibe at Congress leader Renuka Chowdhury’s laugh at the Rajya Sabha session.

Is this what people meant when they said ‘Love hurts’?


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