Bollywood celebs are literally all of us. Some of them have the same kind of weird habits that we do, and are quite relatable too. But, few of them has the habit that might give you the creeps and make you say, “Eww, Gross!”

Here are 7 Celebs with their weird habits that will make you want to judge them for all the good and bad reasons:

1. Sushmita Sen

As we said earlier, this one might give you the creeps. The gorgeous actress of Bollywood, Sushmita Sen is fond of ‘Snakes!’. So much so that she even has a python as a pet in her home! Speaking of weird, how weird is that now!?

2. Ayushmann Khurrana

Bollywood Cutie, Ayushmann is obsessed with his dental care. He carries a Dental Kit wherever he goes, which in itself speaks that how addicted that actor is to his teeth cleaning habit. And of course, with a smile so cute and perfect we seriously won’t doubt your habit, Ayushmann!

3. Rani Mukherjee

We all know that Rani Mukherjee is a chain-smoker. But she is so addicted to ciggies, that she starts her mornings with a puff. Don’t even ask us about how many packets she must be getting done with by the end of the day!

4. Aamir Khan

Speak about people who hate showers and there’s our Mr. Perfectionist! Aamir Khan doesn’t like to take a shower (and we really hope that it’s not that often.

5. Deepika Padukone

Okay, now this is creepy in the literal sense, and you’re free to judge too. Deepika likes to watch people (especially at airports) and invent back stories about them. Well, that’s just what anyone of us might also be secretly doing! Isn’t it?

6. Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan is truly a Nawab. He is a passionate book lover, and to be a little nawabi with that habit of his, the actor has a library and a phone extension in his bathroom! While we would be there and scrolling through memes on Facebook, Saif might be sitting for hours to read on his favorite books in there.

7. Sanjay Dutt

Sanju Baba of our B-town might have reduced his alcohol intake in the past few years, but the actor find’s it nearly impossible to let go of his addiction towards Gutka. Worst was the time when he was caught in the camera consuming tobacco at a cancer awareness event!

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