A Girl Threw Her Bra At Enrique At His Concert In Sri Lanka. I Don’t Blame Her Though!

Enrique Iglesias. Is it his songs? His voice? His abs? Or that amazing jawline? What makes everyone (especially, women) swoon over him?  You cannot settle on one answer for this question. But whatever the reason be, he is touted as one of the most desirable man and almost every girl’s  crush.

Papito Films‘ video shows a scene from Enrique’s recent concert in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where the crowd went into the state of frenzy after his performance. But such soaring was this Latin’s heartthrob’s oomph factor, that a girl actually threw her bra at him. Talk about euphoria! And Enrique ran away as fast as he could.

With this incident, the President of Sri Lanka was offended and remarked, “This is most uncivilized behavior that goes against our culture”. Also adding that the organisers of this concert should be whipped, according to BBC.

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