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11 Signs That You’re A Strong-Headed Individual

A strong-headed individual is someone who is a full circle. You know the difference between what you ‘want’ and ‘need’. You can pick up the little broken pieces of your heart and recreate it into a masterpiece, you never regret your failed decisions, in fact treat them as life lessons. This article is dedicated to all those beautiful, strong-headed people out there who deserve all the love and happiness the universe can deliver. Here are some of the obvious signs that you’re a strong-headed individual. Read on and connect!

1.) You follow your heart and are wholehearted in whatever you do.



For you, following your heart is the best thing ever. You honor your instincts and put in all you’ve got to get to where you wish to be. The strong headed soul in you refuses to hit the reverse gear.

2.) You are fiercely loyal and nothing/ nobody can take that loyalty away from you.



Loyalty for you is everything; it empowers you, day in and day out. More often than not, it is a calming and uplifting ritual that you practice. Hence, you never preach it, though follow it throughout all relationships that you indulge in, be it professional or personal.

3.) You know who you really are and stand up for yourself when required.



You’re self-aware and continue to grow into your true self. You understand who you really are, your weakness and strengths and use both to weave an independent and pleasant life that you envision.

4.) You challenge yourself and meet every challenge head-on.



You know life is not easy and believe in facing challenges one step at a time. In times when you think your life is falling short of new challenges, you push the bar a few notches higher by wandering into unfamiliar boundaries that challenge your true potential.

5.) You live life with a purpose and have no reverse gear.



You rank purpose among the top few things you take responsibility for. Your sole intention in life is being the authentic, unadulterated you; living life to the fullest and keeping no space for regrets or turn arounds. Now that’s a strong headed psyche move!

6.) You are committed to your interests and have diverse interests.



You know what you love and what your interests lie in. There are times you tend to help others build their interests, but ensure you spend enough time and more indulging in your very own interests.

7.) You do not need validation from anyone. Be it family, friends or partner.



The best thing about you is that you know your worth and are comfortable with yourself. Validation is a long lost word in your dictionary, because no strong headed individual turns to anyone for self-assurance and authentication.

8.) You do not let little things affect you and do not take things personally either.



Criticism to you is like music to the ears. Gone are the days when you used to take offence to anything that anyone ever told you or said about you. You’ve outgrown your insecurities into this untouched deity of self-actualization.

9.) You always have a strong desire to do what’s right.



You’ve bloomed into an individual who knows how to pick the right from wrong. With a strong head and belief you always wish to walk on the path of goodwill and justice, rather than disorientation and injustice. Yes, clarity is your virtue.

10.) You might get rebellious at a given point but with a cause.



You tend to stick it out for others who lack the confidence to stand up for themselves. That’s when the rebel in you awakens and fights for the right. You love and respect every gender and secretly wish every person turns strong headed one fine day.

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