10 Ways Facebook Can Get You Into Trouble


Facebook is a website that have done an amazing job of connecting people throughout the world. However, because it is so far-reaching, it is capable of causing many problems for those who use it. Here are ten ways that Facebook can get its users into trouble.

1. Investigations By Employers

People have a habit of putting a lot of their activities on Facebook. Sometimes, these aren’t things you would want your boss or potential boss to see. However, employers increasingly make a point of checking the social media accounts of employees and especially potential new hires. Embarrassing photos of drunken escapades and profanity-laced comment wars are not going to reflect very positively on a potential employee. It’s always a good idea to clean up one’s Facebook page and set more stringent privacy settings before a big interview, but old posts could still resurface and convince the employer not to offer the job.

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